Psychological and Social Factors at Work

Privacy Protection

A premise for running a survey of work and health is that everyone who participates is guaranteed confidentiality, anonymity and security (GDPR).
informasjon collected is stored in STAMI's internal "Safe Zone".
Safe Zone is trusted for storage of general categories of personal information as well as health information (specially category of personal informasjon).
Name and personal identity number are physically hidden from any access in the system and are used only (1) when doing follow-up surveys being able to ask respondents several times, and compare findings, and (2) for research. Only researches that have signed a legally binding confidentiality contract can use data.





The following instruments are used:

  • The General Nordic questionnaire for psychological and social factors at work (QPSnordic) is thoroughly psychometrically tested and tried in many organisations. This instrument is the core of surveys.
    QPSNordic questionnaire pdf
  • Other instruments that map specific conditions in organizations such as organisational changes, working hours, and home-office arrangements.
  • Health and health problems (somatic and psychological).
  • Other conditions: job involvement, turnover intent, job satisfaction, etc.

Feedback to the organization

Organizations that perform a survey will receive the results shortly after the survey is ended. The individual employee cannot be identified from these data.

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